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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Organizing Your Google Forms Answers

A few months ago I posted about preparing students for computer based testing with Google forms, and promised a follow-up about how I organize their answers into easy to read and grade individual answer sheets. After a few months of figuring out motherhood, I'm back and ready to help you get organized for the new school year.
   The first step is creating a Google form for your students to fill out. The process I am going to teach you can work when using a passage and questions, or for any Google form. For example, applying for classroom jobs, reading response journals, or anything you can dream up that needs a response.
    After creating the form, you will need to open up the Google sheets response form that is automatically created when you finish your form. From there you will go to "add-ons" and then search for "autoCrat."

    Once this add-on is loaded, you will need to make a template for your responses. Your template could look a variety of ways, but I like to make mine in a table form so that each response is clearly separated.
    Make your template in a Google document and then name it so you can easily find it when using autoCrat. Here is an example of the template I created for my form from the previous post.
  I chose to use the entire question in each of my boxes as the tag so that I can easily link them up when using the add-on, but the key is to enclose the key words with two less than and greater than signs << >>. 

   Once your template is made, head back into your Google sheets where the responses are being compiled and make sure that the autoCrat add-on is open. Then begin a "New Merge Job."

From here you will choose the template you made from your drive to sync up with your merge.   


     Once you have chosen your template, name the merge job, and we're almost there!

     Your template should now be merged with your form, and you will just need to be sure that each of the tags on your template (shown on the left) match up with a question from your form (shown on the right). 

       Name the final merged document one final time so your students' answers will be easy to find in a folder in your drive that will be created, and then save this work.  

    Finally, this will take you back to the autoCrat add-on home screen and you should see your template loaded into the list. Be sure your template is chosen, and then hit "Run Merge" when all your students' responses have been gathered and you're ready to create your final document. You can continue to do this as responses come in, but I find it easier to complete this step just once so you have all your documents ready to go at once. 

    When the merge is complete you should be able to go back into your drive and find a folder with all of the responses in templates, on separate pages for your easy grading convenience. 

I quickly filled out the form (with incomplete answers) but you can see how the answers are compiled and then organized into a sheet for each student that looks like the template you created. 

   You can get much more creative with your templates, or keep it simple, but I have found that this format is much easier to read, comment on, and return to students with a grade, as opposed to looking at the answers in Google Sheets. 

    Hopefully this will help organize your form answers and save you some time giving feedback to your students. 

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  1. being a teacher and keeping on track with your and everyone work must be hard! this blog looks really helpful for teachers who are having trouble with managing their work efficiently!