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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five For Friday (A Day Late)


   With a catch up week in basketball from our snow day and Valentine's Day, this post is a day late. Better late than never though, right? 

    We continued our study of the Olympics this week. For this activity we reviewed the Olympic values. We did a "chalk talk" activity where students were not allowed to talk, but instead had to let their marker do the talking to write their ideas about what each value meant to them. The kids did a great job, and had such thoughtful and genuine answers. Check out each of the values and our final bulletin board which serves as a daily reminder for us about the way we should act each day, whether competing or not. 

    We strive to live by these Olympic values in our class and our lives! Go for the Gold!

    And in the middle of this lesson, a water main in our city broke and we had our fire alarm go off. Of course this was no regular trip outside... our field was still covered in snow and yes, it was raining!! The fire department took what felt like forever to get to our school, but the kids were troopers!

   During our snow days last week I had a chance to complete our new comprehension packet for our novel study of Number the Stars. It's been sent off to print shop for us to use next week, and will be on Teachers Pay Teachers soon! 

     Due to the snow storm last week, my husband and I were in basketball mode all week. We had three make-up games this week... no wonder I could barely wake up this morning! 

   I'm so proud of how hard my girls play in every game! They never cease to amaze me. Only two more weeks to go. We are ready to finish this season on a high.

   While I'm coaching, my husband is usually reffing. (Not my games though...) Usually he gets to come support me, but today I actually got a chance to watch him in action. He's a pro!

   It's been quite a week! We are ready to head down to the University of Oregon tomorrow to cheer on our Ducks in the Civil War. Go Ducks!! 

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  1. The chalk and talk looks awesome! What a great way to foster independent thinking with students, might try that.

    1. You should! It's a great way for all the students to have their ideas heard, especially those who usually don't like to speak up in class. Let me know how it goes! Good luck!